Join Us In Prayer This June

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms invites our brothers and sisters in Christ to join us in lifting the following requests before the Lord during the month of June:

  • That the state legislative session will come to an end on or before June 10, 2021, and that the Legislature will not pass any additional laws that are immoral or unconstitutional between now and then;
  • That our state and our nation will continue to make progress in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and that our government will respect individual rights and religious liberty in making policies relating to the coronavirus;
  • That the pending investigations into alleged wrongdoing by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration will reveal the truth, whatever it may be;
  • That the Lord would protect New Yorkers from the temptation to use recreational marijuana, and that the legalization of this dangerous drug would not result in an increase in its use;
  • That the Lord would give New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms favor as we continue to fight against physician-assisted suicide and the legalization of prostitution and as we continue to advocate for religious freedom for churches and Christian schools; and
  • That the Supreme Court of the United States will act with wisdom and boldness in deciding the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and that the Lord will use this case in a mighty way to save the lives of unborn children across America.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.