In Vitro Mandate Moving In State Assembly

Bill S.719-Savino/A.2817-Simotas would require large group insurance policies that cover hospital, surgical, or medical care to include coverage for in vitro fertilization.

In vitro fertilization disrespects women’s health. In many instances, in vitro fertilization involves placing women on high doses of hormones designed to stimulate egg production and using a painful and potentially dangerous procedure to extract their eggs so that those eggs can be fertilized in test tubes. To say the least, the State of New York should not encourage this practice by mandating insurance coverage for it.

The nondiscrimination language contained in the bill is deeply problematic. First, the bill would ban age discrimination in connection with coverage of in vitro fertilization. Furthermore, the bill proposes to remove an existing law that limits an infertility coverage mandate to persons aged 21 to 44 years. In other words, this legislation would require insurers to cover in vitro fertilization for 65-year-olds.  Second, the bill would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status in connection with insurance coverage of in vitro fertilization. This language puts aside the best interests of children by promoting the decision to bear and raise a child outside of an intact, married family that provides a child with both a mother and a father.

Finally, in vitro fertilization often involves the production of multiple human embryos. In many instances, “extra” embryos are frozen in case their parents wish to use them at a later time. Tragically, many frozen embryos are eventually discarded. Human embryos are not products to be disposed of when inconvenient.

The IVF Mandate Bill is moving in the New York State Assembly. The Legislature should refrain from passing it.