In re: Legalization of Mobile Sports Gambling (S.1183-Addabbo/A.1257-Pretlow)

Bill S.1183-Addabbo/A.1257-Pretlow would purport to legalize mobile sports gambling in the state of New York. The bill authorizes the creation of a casino-centered, state-regulated mobile sports gambling system. Under the proposed legislation, each agent licensed to conduct mobile sports gambling operations would pay the New York State Gaming Commission a one-time licensing fee of $12 million. The Commission would also collect royalties from casinos that offer mobile sports betting and would disburse those royalties to various sports governing bodies. A tax of 12% on the gross revenue derived from mobile sports gambling would be paid to the state. This legislation would allow adults located anywhere in New York to place bets on sporting events on mobile phones or other electronic devices.

This bill suffers from several fatal flaws. It should not be passed.

UPDATE: Other legislation authorizing mobile sports gambling was included in the 2021-2022 New York state budget.