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Human Trafficking Bills Signed

Albany Update is pleased to report that two important state-level anti-human trafficking bills have been signed into law.

On August 15, Bill S.5988-B-Lanza/A.6823-C-Paulin was signed. This law establishes the felony crime of sex trafficking of a child. The new law will help prosecutors and victims by making it unnecessary for minor victims to testify against the persons responsible for their suffering.

On August 24, Bill S.8874-Lanza/A.10425-A-Paulin was signed. This law requires hotels and other lodging facilities to make information available regarding services for human trafficking victims. Lodging facilities will be provided with informational cards regarding human trafficking, and those cards will be placed in public restrooms and guest rooms. The purpose of the law is to provide trafficking victims with an accessible source of information on the services that are available to help them escape from their captors.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms celebrates the enactment of these two important laws. Human trafficking cannot be allowed to continue unchecked in New York or anywhere else in the United States. As a Christian organization, we support measures that will bring traffickers and their clients to justice, as well as measures that will support and aid those whose freedom and innocence have been robbed.