Hochul’s Budget Proposal Compels Abortion Coverage

Unfortunately, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s enthusiasm for abortion has found its way into her 2022-2023 state budget proposal.

The budget bill pertaining to health and mental hygiene (Bill S.8007-A-Budget/Bill A.9007-A-Budget) would require New York health insurance policies to cover abortion. Furthermore, the bill would require that the abortion coverage not be subject to coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles, except in the case of high-deductible plans. While the bill contains an exemption for religious employers, it is woefully inadequate; the exemption would only apply to churches, associations of churches, and religious orders. Furthermore, even if an employer qualified for the exemption, the bill would require insurers to provide an abortion rider to that employer’s employees.

The State of New York, through a Department of Financial Services order, already requires employers to provide insurance coverage for abortion. That insurance mandate is the subject of ongoing litigation. However, the state’s current insurance mandate is not required by law, only by rule, which NYCF contends is unconstitutional. Bill S.8007-A-Budget/Bill A.9007-A-Budget would change that. Pro-life New Yorkers must do all that we can to avoid letting this bill pass in its current form. Please contact your state legislators today and ask them to push for the abortion insurance coverage mandate to be removed from this year’s budget proposal.