Hinchey Bill Incentivizes Abortion And Transgender Relocation

On several occasions, Gov. Kathy Hochul has invited women from pro-life states to come to New York to undergo abortions. A bill recently introduced by Sen. Michelle Hinchey would double down on the Governor’s invitation.

Bill S.6637-Hinchey would provide a $500 income tax credit to three categories of taxpayers who permanently move to New York from other states with laws that limit access to abortion and/or to so-called “gender-affirming care.” (“Gender-affirming care” can be defined as the use of hormones or surgery to make the body of a person with gender dysphoria more like the body of a person of the opposite sex.) Those three categories of taxpayers are: (a) individuals who move to New York to undergo abortions or to receive so-called “gender-affirming care”; (b) individuals who move to New York so that one or more their children can undergo abortions or receive so-called “gender-affirming care”; and (c) health care professionals who move to New York to provide abortions or so-called “gender-affirming care”. The proposed tax credit would be refundable; in other words, “if the amount of the credit exceeds the [taxpayer’s] tax liability for the year, the excess [amount] may be refunded to the taxpayer.”

It is bad enough that abortion and so-called “gender-affirming care” are available in New York; the state should not make matters worse by giving people financial incentives to move here to undergo these destructive procedures. Furthermore, the last thing our state needs is more abortionists and more practitioners of “gender-affirming care.” While New York’s problems with outmigration to other states are well documented, this is not the proper way to address them. Besides, why should people who move to New York for abortions or “gender-affirming care” receive tax breaks when people who move here to work, start businesses, or receive higher education do not? This bill is not just ill-advised; it is outrageous. It must not be passed.