Gay-Rights Group Urges Constitutional Amendment

It has been a while since the U.S. Constitution was amended. In fact, it has been 27 years. The Constitution was most recently amended in 1992, when the 27th Amendment (providing that a law changing congressional salaries cannot take effect until after the next election to the House of Representatives has taken place) was ratified. There are many potential constitutional amendments—such as a Human Rights Amendment and a Parental Rights Amendment—that would make the United States a better place. Unfortunately, however, one advocacy group wants to pass an LGBT rights amendment instead.

GLAAD was formed in 1985. Formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the organization changed its name to GLAAD because it did not wish to exclude persons identifying as bisexual and transgender. GLAAD is a media watchdog that pressures news media and entertainment to portray homosexuality and transgenderism in a positive light. The organization has 70 corporate sponsors and trains volunteers to “battle homophobia” in the media. According to The New York Times, the group is also building support “for a constitutional amendment that would explicitly protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination.” GLAAD’s proposed amendment would also provide protections for women, people of color, and disabled individuals. GLAAD has visited Washington and hired a lobbying firm to assist with its effort. Its proposal is misleadingly named the Equality Amendment.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms wholeheartedly believes that every person should be treated equally under the law as required by the 14th Amendment. We have no desire for any of our neighbors to be treated unfairly. Unfortunately, however, antidiscrimination laws that include sexual orientation or gender identity as protected categories have been used to promote an activist LGBT agenda and to punish Christian individuals, businesses, and organizations that dare to dissent from that agenda. A constitutional amendment along similar lines would have a devastatingly negative impact upon the nation.