FRC Falls Victim To Corporate Cancel Culture

Cancel culture—the practice of silencing, demonizing, and punishing one’s ideological opponents—is alive and well in the United States. Recently, Family Research Council (FRC), one of the largest Christian public policy organizations in America, became a cancel culture victim.

In this instance, the cancellation was literal.

Last week, FRC held one of its biggest events of the year: The Pray Vote Stand voter turnout broadcast. A California software company called MobileCause had agreed to send out text messages to “thousands” of event attendees for FRC. An hour before the event, MobileCause told FRC that its contract had been—you guessed it—cancelled. The reason? MobileCause discovered that the corrupt, discredited leftist bullies known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had listed FRC as a hate group. This information wasn’t anything new, though; SPLC has falsely listed FRC as a hate group for years. So why did MobileCause take this step last week? And why did they do it an hour before a major FRC event?

According to Christian Post, “after pushback to its decision, MobileCause [stated] that it will review its policy of referring solely to the far-left SPLC to determine which nonprofits it won’t work with.” That sounds more like an attempt to escape unwanted scrutiny than a legitimate course correction.

FRC President Tony Perkins commented, “‘The Left’s determination to silence voices with which they disagree should make clear to every evangelical voter what is at stake in this election and why they need to pray, vote, and stand!’”

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF), NYCF’s educational arm, was poised to contract services with MobileCause for an upcoming event, but upon learning of this incident, NYFRF notified MobileCause that it would be considering other vendors.