Faith-Based Adoption Agency Scores Religious Freedom Win

A recent court decision in Michigan is a victory for faith-based adoption agencies and for religious freedom.

On September 26, 2019, U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker issued a preliminary injunction barring the State of Michigan from cancelling a contract that allows St. Vincent Catholic Charities to offer adoption and foster care services. This means that St. Vincent’s will be able to continue offering adoption and foster care services while its case makes its way through the courts.

St. Vincent’s contract with the state is in jeopardy due to its unwillingness to certify same-sex couples as adoptive parents or to place children in same-sex households. While the State of Michigan passed a law in 2015 protecting faith-based adoption agencies that object to placing children in same-sex households, a more recent settlement reached by the state with the ACLU placed the St. Vincent’s contract in jeopardy. Noting that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, an avowed lesbian, has described supporters of the 2015 law as “‘hate-mongers,’” Judge Jonker asserted that there was a “‘strong inference that St. Vincent was targeted based on its religious belief.’”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is pleased at this victory and thankful that St. Vincent’s will—at least for now—continue its valuable efforts on behalf of children and families. Here in New York, we hope and pray that New Hope Family Services—a Christian adoption agency that has had to go to court to protect itself from being shut down by the state because of its beliefs on marriage—will prevail in its lawsuit. Furthermore, given this recent victory in Michigan, we are even more disappointed that Bethany Family Services caved in to the LGBT agenda instead of locking arms with St. Vincent’s and standing for freedom and truth.