Democratic Socialists Decry Status Quo; Different Path Proposed

At a recent virtual meeting, several relatively new members of the New York State Legislature expressed their displeasure with the status quo in Albany. According to the New York Post, these lawmakers took issue with “phony legislators” who pretend to support certain bills just to make themselves popular; they also criticized the secrecy that characterizes Albany politics.

So far, so good. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) wholeheartedly agrees with these two critiques. The appropriate response to these problems, however, is a different matter. The lawmakers who spoke out are members of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA); as such, they believe that the Legislature would benefit from a greater level of socialist influence. To put it simply, DSA is committed to bringing about a nightmarish future in which crime runs rampant, drugs and prostitution are legal, school choice is limited, and human life and religious liberty mean little or nothing.

At NYCF, we propose an alternative. Instead of increasing the socialist influence on the New York State Legislature, let’s increase the Christian influence in Albany. Whether by voting, by praying for our legislators, by sending e-mails and making phone calls, by posting key information on social media, by meeting with our legislators, or by running for office, followers of Jesus Christ who believe in life, family, and religious liberty can be used by the Lord as a godly influence upon policymakers.