Democratic Debate Moderators Ignore Abortion-Related Violence

In recent weeks, pro-abortion violence has become a national issue. Pro-life pregnancy centers have been defaced with pro-abortion messages in Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, while the offices of pro-life advocacy groups have been damaged in arson attacks in Oregon and Wisconsin. The June 7 arson fire at CompassCare’s pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo made pro-abortion violence a state issue. In light of the Buffalo attack, it would have been appropriate to raise issues surrounding abortion and abortion-related violence at the June 7 Democratic gubernatorial debate. Not surprisingly, this issue was neglected.

If New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms had been moderating the June 7 debate, here are some questions we would have considered asking:

  • A pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo was firebombed this morning. A pro-abortion vigilante group has taken responsibility for the attack. What steps would you take to protect pro-life facilities from such attacks? Would your own stance on abortion interfere with your ability to help protect them?
  • Do you believe that strident pro-choice rhetoric encourages pro-abortion violence directed at pro-life facilities?
  • What can be done to turn down the temperature and decrease the vitriol in regard to the abortion issue in New York? Do you feel responsible for that vitriol?
  • Do you believe that a state constitutional amendment is needed to protect abortion rights in New York? Should such an amendment contain conscience protections for persons and institutions whose sincerely-held beliefs do not allow them to participate in abortion procedures?
  • In 2008, then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama stated that an abortion is “always a tragic situation.” Do you agree?
  • What is your position on the pregnancy center report bill, which has passed both houses and which would allow the state to subject pro-life pregnancy centers to intrusive demands for information?
  • Last month, the state of New York announced a $35 million investment in abortion facilities. The announcement of that investment specifically referenced security measures at abortion facilities. In light of the recent Buffalo attack, would you support making some of those funds available for pro-life pregnancy centers that require security updates and/or centers that have been subjected to arson attacks?