December Prayer Needs

Please raise the following requests to the Lord in the month of December:

  • That the Lord would bless the attorneys arguing for the cause of life in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on December 1, 2021, giving them favor with the justices of the Supreme Court;
  • That the Lord would give clarity and courage to the justices of the Supreme Court as they hear and decide Dobbs and other cases pertaining to the protection of human life;
  • That the Lord would intervene in a powerful way on behalf of the unborn children of the United States by causing Roe v. Wade to be struck down;
  • That the Lord would prepare His people to advocate for the unborn in Congress and in all 50 state legislatures if Roe is overturned and the elected branches of government are once again given authority to legislate concerning abortion;
  • That the Lord would frustrate the schemes of those who seek the passage of the anti-life Build Back Better Act;
  • That the Lord would guide New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms as the organization prepares for the 2022 legislative session;
  • That the Lord would bless New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation’s (our educational arm’s) Legislative Bible Study, and that many legislators would come to know the Lord in a personal way;
  • That the Lord would use the Christmas season to ignite within the hearts of people an acute awareness of their need for a Savior; and
  • That many would be drawn to Jesus through various Christmas services and other church outreaches.

Thank you for remembering these requests in your prayers.