Cuomo Takes ‘Pride’ In LGBT Activism

New York’s legislative session is scheduled to end June 19, 2019. Do you know what your Governor is up to?

If you guessed, “Working on LGBT issues,” you’d be right.

So far this year, Gov. Cuomo has signed the Bathroom Bill and the Counselor Coercion Bill into law. Apparently, however, he is not satisfied with these two major LGBT agenda items. Late last month, Gov. Cuomo kicked off a campaign to promote paid surrogacy legislation, a terrible proposal that New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has fought for many years. The Governor has made it abundantly clear that he wants the bill passed before this year’s session comes to a close.

The Governor has also spoken out against a new rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that protects the religious freedom of health care workers. The rule removed “gender identity” as an antidiscrimination category under Obamacare, thus protecting Christian healthcare workers from potentially being compelled to participate in so-called “gender reassignment” surgeries. The Governor called the new rule “‘a disgraceful endorsement of discrimination and bigotry.”

On June 5, Gov. Cuomo announced a new Pride Month display at the New York State Capitol. Entitled “Equality Will Never Be Silent,” the display “celebrates the New York State LGBTQ community and recognizes the meaningful political, cultural and artistic impacts of 16 LGBTQ New Yorkers.” The Governor said, “‘New York is home to trailblazing leaders in the LGBTQ rights movement who broke down barriers and never stopped fighting for full equality… This exhibit celebrates and honors these extraordinarily brave and talented people – and New York will always be grateful to them.’” Gov. Cuomo has also indicated that the rainbow flag will be flown over the Capitol for the first time in history.

Did we mention that the Governor is planning to run for re-election in 2022?