Cuomo Still Supports Paid Surrogacy

Earlier this year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo came out publicly in support of paid surrogacy legislation.

Last week, the Governor reiterated his support for this wrong-headed measure in the following statement:

New York State has led the way for progressive reforms for the LGBTQ community and women’s equality movement. It is unconscionable that people need to leave the state to have a child due to New York State’s antiquated surrogacy laws. I urge the legislature to join the countless LGBTQ and women’s equality advocates and reform New York’s surrogacy laws now. Too many families have struggled for too long.

The Governor’s logic is flawed, to say the least. First, nothing about paid surrogacy would promote women’s equality. Instead, paid surrogacy would allow wealthy New Yorkers to rent the wombs of low-income women. Second, contrary to the Governor’s assertion, no one “need[s] to leave the state to have a child” because of the ban on paid surrogacy that was signed into law by Gov. Mario Cuomo in 1992. Families who cannot have children of their own have other options—including adoption—that can be pursued right here in New York. Third, New York’s surrogacy laws are not the cause of any family’s “struggles.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms will continue to oppose the Governor’s effort to commercialize human reproduction.

TAKE ACTION: Write to your legislators today and urge them to speak out and vote against paid surrogacy.

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