Cuomo Rolls Out Contractual Surrogacy Campaign

Earlier this month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out a troubling new campaign to push for the passage of paid surrogacy legislation within the 2020-2021 New York State Budget.

Echoing past movements for same-sex “marriage” and adoption by same-sex couples, the campaign asserts that “love makes a family.” Furthermore, the Governor has formed a Love Makes a Family Campaign Council to keep the pressure on for this deeply problematic proposal.

According to Gov. Cuomo, the State of New York is “‘a national leader on LGBTQ rights. It is shameful that we are only one of three states that does not allow LGBTQ individuals and people struggling with fertility to use gestational surrogacy to start families.’” The Governor adds that New York’s existing ban on paid surrogacy (which was signed into law by Gov. Mario Cuomo nearly three decades ago) is “‘repugnant to our values and we must repeal it once and for all and enact the nation’s strongest protections for surrogates and parents choosing to take part in the surrogacy process.’”

One same-sex advocate from New York City argued that “‘LGBTQ New Yorkers continue to have to fight for the right to conceive by surrogacy, even as that right has been granted in many other states.’”

The rhetoric behind this movement is not materially different from the rhetoric used in the past in regard to other same-sex issues. As usual, it falsely refers to the preferences of adults as “rights” (in this case, the “right” to conceive by surrogacy) and allows those preferences to supersede the needs of children. It does take love to make a family, but that is not all it takes. A married mother and father is in the best interest of the child. Paying a low-income woman to act as a human incubator shouldn’t be a part of the process.

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