Cuomo: ‘First Order Of Business Is Saving Lives’

Listen to this: “‘My mother is not expendable and your mother is not expendable. We’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable, and we’re not going to put a dollar figure on human life. First order of business is saving lives, period, whatever it costs. … That’s what I think it means to be an American.’”

That is a powerful pro-life message, isn’t it? Strangely enough, however, those words were uttered by an individual who is far, far from being pro-life: Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Gov. Cuomo made these remarks at a March 24 press conference regarding the coronavirus outbreak. His remarks were made in the context of a discussion about New York’s shortage of ventilators, which could make it impossible to treat every coronavirus patient who needs breathing assistance. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms stands in full agreement with Gov. Cuomo that New Yorkers’ first order of business should be saving lives. As of March 26, there were 33,066 confirmed coronavirus cases in the State of New York, including 310 deaths. Our state needs more masks to protect our medical personnel and more ventilators to treat those who have fallen ill. Furthermore, it appears that the virus outbreak has not yet reached its peak here in New York.

Friends, in these extraordinarily challenging times, let us continue to pray for our governor, our other elected officials, those persons who have contracted the coronavirus, the families of those who are ill, and our health care practitioners. Let us also pray that Gov. Cuomo will reflect on his own words and realize that they apply not just to coronavirus victims, but to all people—including those not yet born.