Cuomo Can’t Get Off The Transgender Bandwagon

Multiple choice question:

The week before Thanksgiving, what was on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mind?

(a) How to fix New York’s $6.1 billion budget deficit;

(b) Whether he should have run for President in 2020;

(c) What to eat for Thanksgiving dinner; or

(d) How to more effectively promote a “transgender” agenda?

At New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, we don’t really know what is going through the Governor’s mind. (Frankly, we’re not sure we want to know.) However, a review of Gov. Cuomo’s November 20 press release makes it appear that the correct answer is: (d) Coming up with new ways to push a “transgender” agenda.

On November 20, Gov. Cuomo announced a series of new actions to “protect transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers.” To commemorate a day known to some as the “Transgender Day of Remembrance,” the Governor directed the Department of Financial Services to take steps to “protect access to health insurance” for persons identifying as “transgender.” What does this mean? As far as we can tell, it means that the Governor wants to make sure that health insurance providers offer coverage for “gender-affirming” procedures like cross-sex hormones and so-called “sex reassignment surgeries.” Even more ominously, the Governor is taking steps to make sure that public employees covered under the Empire Plan receive medical coverage for “gender-affirming services.” Finally, the Governor wants to launch a public awareness campaign to make sure that New Yorkers are aware of the provisions of the Bathroom Law.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms believes that persons suffering from confusion about their gender identities should be able to access medical care on the same terms that everyone else does. However, we emphatically oppose the notion that government should force health insurance providers to jump on the “transgender” bandwagon.