Cuomo Brings Pressure To Bear On Paid Surrogacy

The 2019 state legislative session is scheduled to conclude on June 19, 2019. As the final days of the session wind down, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling for the passage of paid surrogacy legislation.

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At a May 22 LGBTQ fundraiser in the Manhattan neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen, Gov. Cuomo—in his typically heavy-handed manner—asserted that the State Legislature must pass paid surrogacy legislation by the end of session. The Governor said, “‘If this Legislature leaves this session without passing surrogacy, it will be a disgrace to the progressive tradition of the state of New York. We need them to hear that loud and clear… Don’t come back from Albany and tell me how progressive you are if you didn’t pass the surrogacy laws…’” Gov. Cuomo added that paid surrogacy is a natural outgrowth of same-sex “marriage” because it relates to “the ability to have a family.” (The Governor is incorrect on this point. In many instances, persons who identify as lesbian or gay have the “ability” to bear or father children of their own, but have elected to pursue relationships and sexual practices that make it impossible for them to do so.)

Paid surrogacy creates five major problems. First, it makes children the subjects of commercial transitions. Second, it commercializes women’s reproductive capacities. Third, it often endangers the health of women through the extraction of women’s eggs and through the use of strong fertility drugs.  Fourth, it promotes the use of in vitro fertilization, which can lead to anti-life practices such as “selective reduction” and the discarding of “extra” frozen embryos. Fifth, in regard to same-sex households, it promotes the creation of families that are headed by same-sex partners that are connected through their shared pursuit of sexual immorality.

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Women’s wombs shouldn’t be for rent and children shouldn’t be for sale. Please contact your elected officials today and urge them to oppose paid surrogacy.