The Albany Update with Jason McGuire, Program 1652

Hello and welcome to today’s program.

For the past several months, houses of worship across our state have faced significant restrictions. Now, a New York challenge to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s religious gathering restrictions is headed to the Supreme Court.

Gov. Cuomo isn’t only restricting churches, though. He’s tightening the valve on restaurants, bars, gyms and fitness centers—even private homes.

In other news, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is offering a warning about expanding gambling and pointing out that the state hasn’t even paused to evaluate whether or not it’s last gambling expansion effort is negatively impacting New Yorkers, particularly those who struggle with gambling addiction.

Next, I’d like to offer a multitude of prayer requests for our state and the nation, especially as we conclude the election season and enter the last month of 2020.

Finally, this week Americans celebrate Thanksgiving—and even in a pandemic year—there is a lot to be thankful for.

With much to discuss, let’s get started.