The Albany Update, Program 1649
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As this week’s edition of the Albany Update drops, we’re careening toward the final days of the 2020 Election, but before we get there we need to talk about the confirmation of Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett—and the new demands of some of New York’s highest profile Democrats calling for court packing.

Then, speaking of the courts, we’ll discuss some of the most recent COVID-related lawsuits and what they may mean for the return of some constitutional liberties in New York once again.

Following that we’ll look at the effort to commercialize cannabis and legalize recreational weed in the Empire State. Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing pot for state profit once again.

Turning the corner and closing the loop, we’ll discuss the resignation of an Episcopal Bishop who fell under church discipline for upholding the biblical definition of marriage in his diocese.

Finally, yes, there is an election and I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t encourage you once again to make sure you vote—and vote your values—before the end of the 2020 General Election.