The Albany Update, Program 1643

The Albany Update, Program 1643
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The Trump Administration scored a MAJOR foreign policy win when Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates agreed to enter into normal diplomatic relations with one another—and despite all the stammering of previous administrations, both Democratic and Republican, this peace in the Middle East initiative was achieved without a two-state solution that establishes a formal Palestinian State that would result in surrendering Israeli land.

Closer to home, New York State is reportedly considering mandating a flu vaccination for students attending classes in person. If approved, the measure would apply to both public and private schools.

I’ll also be profiling a State Senate race in the Hudson Valley, Senator Pete Harckham (D) vs. Rob Astorino (R) that will likely be one of the most closely watched across the state on Election Night.

And speaking of voting, you have plenty of ways to vote available to you this Fall: in person, early voting, absentee voting. I’ll break it all down for our listeners.

Also, our educational arm will soon be releasing our 2020 online voter guide. I’ll tell you more about it and how to access it when it’s made available.

Finally, once a month I share a list of prayer requests pertinent to our state. Thank you for participating in prayer for our state.