Episode 1770: Democrat DA Disinvited For Dinging Cashless Bail

Episode 1770: Democrat DA Disinvited For Dinging Cashless Bail

Thank you for joining this week’s episode of the Albany Update.

When I interact with colleagues involved in government affairs work around the country, the conversation often turns to comparing legislative processes in our respective home states. Undoubtedly, we begin talking about legislative hearings. Hearings are a staple of government affairs work, but not in New York. In the Empire State, hearings are rare and invitation only. This week, we’ll discuss how one Democrat district attorney was disinvited from testifying when it became known that he would testify against his party’s changes to the bail system.

In other news, and for obvious reasons, afterschool Satanic clubs are back in the news, but Christians need to think carefully about how they react to these reports lest they unwittingly help to remove Christian afterschool programs, like Good New Clubs, from also being banned from campus.

Next, you may have seen the news of a creepy, pro-abortion statue that has been placed atop a New York City courthouse. It’s eerily reminiscent of ancient Baal worship or perhaps a tribute to a Roman god. Abortion is the god of many in this modern age.

Finally in this episode, the testimony of one Sam Brinton regrettably helped pass a ban on counseling for those experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction in New York and nineteen other states. Brinton’s story is unravelling. It appears to have been a complete fabrication. It is doubtful that any of these states will reverse its stance on counseling individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, though.