Episode 1745: Students Return To Post-Covid Classrooms

Episode 1745: Students Return To Post-Covid Classrooms

Thank you for joining me for this episode of the Albany Update.

Summer is unofficially over as kids return to the classroom this week. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators are breathing a sigh of relief as the COVID restrictions of the last three school years have largely been lifted.

Then, we’ll discuss Gov. Kathy Hochul’s disappointing, Cuomo-esque comments concerning her more conservative-minded constituents.

Next, we’ll shift gears to a few federal issues starting with President Joe Biden’s plan to transfer college debt from the student borrower to the taxpayers’ back.

Also, when Congress returns after Labor Day, the U.S. Senate is expected to consider the [Dis]Respect for Marriage Act.

Finally, the pro-life position is not seeing much support from many Republican candidates this election cycle, but if the GOP doesn’t get in gear, they’ll risk losing the pro-life voters they need for mid-term success.

Let’s get started.