Episode 1741: A Pro-Life Setback in the Sunflower State

Episode 1741: A Pro-Life Setback in the Sunflower State


This week, the story that dominated the news cycle was the defeat of a pro-life amendment in Kansas. It dominated in no small part, because much of the media was gleeful to see this pro-life setback and saw that it received ample coverage. However, for those us in the pro-life movement it is just that a temporary detour, a learning opportunity, as the march toward a pro-life America continues.

Then, in other news, we learned that the FDA has slapped a warning label on certain puberty blockers, substances frequently used in treating gender dysphoria and preparing young people for so-called sex-change surgeries.

Third, there is a legislative effort to recognize stillborn births for families who suffer these tragic losses. It’s a proposal that our organization supports, and one we hope will gain more traction in our statehouse.

Finally, that August 23, 2022, Congressional and State Senate Primary Day is rapidly approaching. We’ll tell you more about the candidates running in NY-22 and NY-24.

Let’s get started.