Episode 1732: The 2022 Legislative Session Is Over

Episode 1732: The 2022 Legislative Session Is Over

The 2022 legislative session is effectively over. At the time of this recording, the State Senate has adjourned, while the Assembly took a break at 2:36 AM on Friday, June 3, but picked it up again later in the day. If one house has left Albany, we can all breathe a little easier, though. It takes two houses to get a bill to the Governor’s desk before it can become a law.

Speaking of the end of session, we’ll offer an update on a few pieces of lesser-known legislation that passed. Like any year, there were wins and there were losses. Not to sugarcoat anything, though—this year saw more losses than wins. It was a rough ride under the pro-abortion Democratic supermajorities.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed that June is “Gay Pride” Month. It’s hard to escape it. In government, entertainment, and commerce. It can be frustrating for Christians seeking to adhere to biblical standards of human sexuality, but it’s also an opportunity for Christians to shine our light in a dark, cultural moment.

Let’s get started.