Episode 1731: Redistricting Is Complete…We Think

Episode 1731: Redistricting Is Complete…We Think

We’ve held off on reporting too much regarding the state’s redistricting process, but we think we can finally stick a fork in it. It appears that the new legislative districts for the next ten years have been finalized.

Then, if your children or grandchildren attend a private school, you’ll want to pay attention to this next part. The state is once again looking at a mechanism for providing greater oversight of faith-based, private education. Why does it matter? Senator Brad Hoylman has a plan to force every public school to adopt transgender-affirming policies. Families of faith need an alternative. Private education should continue to be protected for those families who choose it for their children.

Next, on a more positive front, legislation that we like has passed the Legislature and will be heading to the Governor’s desk for consideration. It’s a simple bill that would promote the needed work of hospice and palliative care in our state.

Let’s get started.