Episode 1720:  Highlighting NYCF’s 2022 Digital Day of Action

Episode 1720:  Highlighting NYCF’s 2022 Digital Day of Action

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

During this week’s program, we’ll be looking at NYCF’s 2022 Digital Day of Action and the issues covered in the livestream. In regard to the protection of human life, we highlight our opposition to a proposal from Gov. Kathy Hochul that would mandate and expand abortion coverage in New York. In the realm of family policy, NYCF focuses on our opposition to requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a prerequisite for school attendance. Regarding religious liberty, NYCF reports on our opposition to a legislative proposal to pass socialized medicine. Regarding issues of justice and mercy, we highlight our support for legislation to require Medicaid coverage for post-childbirth hospitalization.

The 2022 Digital Day of Action is free of charge. The event is held in conjunction with NYCF’s educational affiliate, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. You can catch it live on Tuesday, March 15, beginning at 9:00 AM or watch the broadcast on demand at AlbanyUpdate.com/Live.

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