Episode 1701: Where, O Where Is the Cuomo Report?

Episode 1701: Where, O Where Is the Cuomo Report?

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Late last week news broke that former Governor Andrew Cuomo was being charged with a misdemeanor in the alleged groping of a former aide. It’s unlikely that Cuomo will receive any real consequence. It’s a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of a year behind bars, but as a first-time offender the ex-governor will likely only see a slap on the wrist. However, the larger question is, where is the Assembly Judiciary Committee report regarding the investigations into Andrew Cuomo? The taxpayers paid for it, deserve to see it, and that report might just reveal what was truly going on during Cuomo’s disgraceful tenure.

When Governor Kathy Hochul ascended to the vacancy created by Cuomo’s resignation, she made it clear that she would be seeking a full term. However, State Attorney General Letitia James is inching closer toward an imminent announcement of her own run. When the AG jumps in, life just became a lot more complicated for Kathy Hochul.

Changing topics, we’ll look at the effort to bring sports betting to New York before the Superbowl. Suffice to say, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is not excited about this state scam to deprive its citizens of even more income and enable greater gambling addiction.

Then, we’ll look at what has been happening in Loudon County, VA. In that state, concerned parents are standing up to the elitists in education. Moms and dads have had enough and are going to school board meetings and engaging in ways they haven’t before. 2010 saw the rise of the “Tea Party”, a movement centered around previously politically uninvolved people getting politically involved. Now, could we be seeing the rise of a “Parent Party” movement across America?

Finally, it’s November. A month in which our organization likes to step back and just give thanks for the goodness God has shown to us throughout the year. We’ve got several praises to share with you.

Let’s get started.