Episode 1696: SCOTUS Sets Date For Dobbs Oral Arguments

Episode 1696: SCOTUS Sets Date For Dobbs Oral Arguments

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This week the Supreme Court of the United States announced that in December oral arguments will be heard in a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Speaking of the courts, a Christian adoption and foster care agency in Central New York finds itself defending its right to serve children in need and their families in a manner consistent with the ministry’s faith. We’ll have more details a little later in today’s program.

Next up, Governor Kathy Hochul continues to make appointments to her administration and one with strong ties to Planned Parenthood is raising eyebrows in the pro-life community.

Then, the presumptive Republican and Conservative Party candidate for New York State Governor in 2022, Lee Zeldin, disclosed that he has been diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully he also announced that he is in full remission.

Last, there is a troubling story out of the Finger Lakes Region. There, a fertility doctor was allegedly and fraudulently serving as the sperm donor for women seeking assisted reproductive services. It’s still the wild west in many ways when it comes to these types of services and at the very least the state needs to start reining in some of these rogue individuals.

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