Episode 1694: New York Doubles Down On COVID Mandates

Episode 1694: New York Doubles Down On COVID Mandates

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While a Texas pro-life bill dominated much of the news last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is promising a vote on a pro-abortion bill when Congress returns from its break. Today, we’ll tell you more about that legislation.

Then, the New York State Department of Health took an action last week that means private businesses will be implementing stronger COVID protocols in their places of employment. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be putting those face masks away anytime soon.

Continuing on the theme of COVID mandates, the beginning of the new school year meant new mandates for schools—and one Western New York school is pushing back.

Speaking of back to school, we’ll tell you about a resource that will help families protect their children from false ideologies and worldviews that are not consistent with a family’s faith.

Finally, the November General Election isn’t that far off. Most aren’t aware, but there will be five proposed amendments on the 2021 ballot. We’ll provide some information on those proposals.

Let’s get started.