Episode 1693: God Bless, Texas And Albany Sees Summer Session

Episode 1693: God Bless, Texas And Albany Sees Summer Session

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

God bless, Texas! A new law in that state outlawed abortion after a baby’s beating heart can be detected. As the left loses its collective mind over the matter, the politics of abortion has moved front and center again.

Then, last week Albany held an extraordinary session of the State Legislature, that is a session of the Legislature called by the Governor that falls outside of the Legislature’s regularly scheduled legislative session. We’ll tell you what happened.

Following that, we need to speak of the many new vaccine mandates that have arisen over the last several days and a few bills that have dramatically different approaches to personal liberty when it comes to vaccination.

Next, it’s September—which means the kids are back to school. For many, it’s the first time they’ve been back in the classroom in a year and a half. Let’s remember to pray for our students and their schools, as well as several other requests we’ll share in today’s program.

For us, a limited number of in-person events resume this month. We’ll be in Buffalo, Rochester, and Oneonta. In today’s program, we’ll tell you how you can reserve a seat.

Let’s get started.