Episode 1681: The Christian Response To Pride Month

Episode 1681: The Christian Response To Pride Month

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

Let’s begin today’s program by looking a life issue at the federal level. Legislation that seeks to undermine and invalidate over a thousand pro-life laws across America has been introduced. We’ll tell you more about it.

Then, our office is still receiving many inquiries regarding the status of the investigations against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Today, we’ll discuss the latest.

Continuing the state discussion, we’re pleased to report that before the Legislature concluded this year’s regular session last week it passed a bill that our organization has been advocating for that will benefit not only New York’s farmers, but also those needing the services of food pantries and emergency shelters.

Finally, June is Pride Month. Thirty days dedicated to advancing and celebrating a view of human sexuality that defies not only biology, but also biblical beliefs. We’ll discuss how a Christian can approach this propagandizing.

Let’s get started.