Episode 1678: The Unmasking Of Andrew Cuomo

Episode 1678: The Unmasking Of Andrew Cuomo

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

Last week, the masks came off the faces of many New Yorkers and it was also the unmasking of Governor Andrew Cuomo. For months, the Governor has been dodging details regarding the contract he signed to publish a book during the height of the pandemic. At the same time, his administration was allegedly fudging the numbers on nursing home deaths. Now, the Governor’s tax returns reveal that he is poised to receive $5.1 Million for his COVID book deal.

Next, we’ll spend a good portion of our program looking at the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will review a decision that will likely have major ramifications for unborn life and abortion rights in America.

Then, faith-based schools will want to pay special attention to a piece of legislation that our organization is concerned about. It deals with the issue of Substantial Equivalency and state oversight of private schools.

And finally, our organization would be appreciative of your prayers on our behalf as we enter the final ten working days of the 2021 regular legislative session.