Episode 1674: Planned Parenthood Owns Racist Origins

Episode 1674: Planned Parenthood Owns Racist Origins

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Last week, the President of Planned Parenthood released an op-ed indicating that the abortion conglomerate would stop apologizing for its racist history under founder Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood is finally reckoning with its past, but it’s still failing to reckon with its present, and that is a problem.

Then, in Albany, Planned Parenthood’s political allies continue to target New York’s pro-life pregnancy centers. A bill that would hinder the vital work of pregnancy centers is on the move. Our organization is working to stop it.

Even more troubling, though is an effort to pass the New York Health Act. This legislation would virtually eliminate private health insurance in this state and move everyone to a costly, liberty-infringing, government-run healthcare plan.

Then, if you haven’t been to the State Capitol lately. It’s a dystopian-looking scene with ‘No Trespassing’ signs, fencing, concrete barriers, and other blockades that have been placed around the People’s House, but it’s a metaphor of just how broken state government is. It’s time to re-open the Capitol and restore constitutional rights, like the freedom to assemble, to the people of this state again.

Finally, as a Christian organization, we believe in the power of prayer. There’s a lot to pray about for our state and nation. We’ll be offering some suggested prayer requests for the month of May.

Let’s get started.