Episode 1671: Vaccine Passports Raise Privacy Concerns

Episode 1671: Vaccine Passports Raise Privacy Concerns

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For those of you keeping track of the issues surrounding transgender athletes participating in girls’ competitive sports. You might be interested in something strange going on in South Dakota where Gov. Kristi Noem has been practicing the ‘South Dakota Shuffle’.

Then, we’ll bring it back home and look at the New York news story of the week, where we became the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana.

On a more positive note, the Legislature has passed, and the Governor signed into law a protection for nursing home residents that will guarantee their right to have two personal caregivers be allowed to visit them—even in times of declared public health emergency.

Fourth, we’re going to unpack Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to utilize vaccine passports. It’s raising a number of concerns.

Finally, our Legislative Day livestream was so successful that we’ve decided to launch a new monthly feature we’re calling Albany Update LIVE. I’ll tell you more about it and how you can participate in this new program.

Let’s get started.