Episode 1670: Albany Poised To Pass Pot

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

Our office has been fielding requests about H.R. 1. The measure is being billed as a voter reform proposal, but our organization believes it would be the opposite and leave our election process more vulnerable to political corruption.

Then, we’ll take a look at Rep. Tom Reed’s response to an allegation of sexual harassment.

Third, it just doesn’t stop with the scandal surrounding Governor Andrew Cuomo. We’ll discuss the latest.

Following that, thirteen State Senate Republicans are coming to the aid of people living in group homes for the developmentally disabled. New legislation has been introduced that, if adopted, would repeal a dangerous COVID directive.

Finally, it would appear that a deal has been reached to approve recreational marijuana. However, at the time of this recording the bill language hasn’t yet been released or a vote held. It’s not over yet.

Let’s get started.