Episode 1665: Cuomo May See Wings Clipped

Thank you for joining this week’s edition of the Albany Update.

Early in the pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo was praised for his handling of the Coronavirus crisis, but new facts are emerging and along with the facts—there’s a newly-empowered Legislature emerging as well. No longer cowering in its shell, a legislative turtle that has been slow to take action may—as early as this week—clip Cuomo’s wings.

Then, while tensions couldn’t be higher between the Governor and the Legislature, Cuomo has modified his commercial cannabis bill to appease some in the State Assembly. Will it be enough to bring the pro-pot parties together or will their proposals to legalize weed go up in smoke?

Third, it is now legal in New York to rent a women’s womb and buy the child she has carried to term. That is not an exaggeration. It’s the tragic results of a law that took effect last week.

On so many levels, it is clear that the political left is coming for our children’s innocence, security and privacy, but a new effort has been launched that includes a promise to save America’s children.

And finally, our greatest need is spiritual, not political. There are several ways you can specifically pray during the month of March.

Let’s get started.