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Influencing Legislation and Legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

2017 PRL

In re: Contraceptive Insurance Notification Mandate (S.4758-Stavisky/A.6144-Seawright)

Bill S.4758-Stavisky/A.6144-Seawright would require employers that offer group health insurance to provide notice to job applicants and potential job applicants about (a) whether such group health insurance covers contraception; and (b) if so, which forms of contraception are covered. New Yorkers are fully capable of navigating insurance coverage issues with their employers and prospective employers…

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In re: Compelling Churches and Nonprofits to Annually Establish Their Entitlement to Real Property Tax Exemption Based on Clear and Convincing Evidence (S.996-Bonacic/A.539-Gunther)

Bill S.996-Bonacic/A.539-Gunther is an ill-advised piece of legislation that seeks to place new financial and administrative burdens upon religious organizations and nonprofit charities, schools, and hospitals. Mandatory-class nonprofits contribute a great deal to New York’s families and communities. Government should value such organizations, not treat them as potential revenue sources for cash-strapped municipalities. Download

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In re: Exempting Religious Organizations From Assessment Fees (A.5606-Morinello)

Bill A.5606-Morinello would make tax-exempt religious organizations exempt from temporary state energy and utility service conservation assessment fees. This bill would also make it unlawful for utility companies to recoup these fees from tax-exempt religious organizations. NYCF supports this legislation because it would strengthen and empower religious organizations to fulfill their missions and help their…

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Moment of Silence Bill (S.895-Amedore)

The Moment of Silence Bill would require public school students to observe a one-minute period of silent reflection at the start of each school day. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms supports this legislation and believes that it will benefit students by giving them an opportunity to organize their thoughts, relax, and—should they so choose—pray in…

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In re: Banning Professionals from Engaging in Sexual Orientation Change Efforts With Youth Experiencing Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (the Counselor Coercion Bill) (S.263-Hoylman/A.3977-Glick)

Bill S.263-Hoylman/A.3977-Glick seeks to ban mental health professionals from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts—or “change therapy”—with minors. Because this bill is based on flawed assumptions, is unduly invasive, suffers from constitutional problems, and would interfere with the professional judgment and freedom of conscience of mental health professionals, it must not become law. Download

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Streamlining the Approval Process for Certain Sales of Real Property by Religious Corporations (S.2935-Gallivan/A.9983-Paulin)

Bill S.2935-Gallivan/A.9983-Paulin would allow religious corporations to utilize an expedited process when selling real property valued at less than $200,000. Currently, the Religious Corporations Law requires churches and other religious corporations to seek a court’s approval to sell or mortgage real property, or to lease real property for a term of more than five years.…

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