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Capital Region Account Makes Case For Keeping Abortion In The Criminal Code

Last week, the Albany Times Union reported that a Saratoga County man was arrested after allegedly “pushing his fists onto the stomach of a 26-week-pregnant woman [in] an attempt to cause a miscarriage.” The man, one Stephen Miller of Gansevoort, fled the scene and was later arrested in the City of Mechanicville. Miller has been charged with second-degree abortion (a felony) and reckless endangerment (a misdemeanor). Thankfully, the pregnant mom received medical care, and it appears that she and her unborn baby were unharmed.

As many pro-life New Yorkers are aware, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins are eager to pass abortion expansion legislation next month when the New York State Legislature returns to Albany. If the Governor and Leader Stewart-Cousins get their wish, the felony with which Miller has been charged—second-degree abortion—will be removed from the laws of the State of New York. The Senate Democratic Conference asserts that New York law should “[treat] abortion as health care, not [as] a criminal act.” Accordingly, the proposed Reproductive Health Act (RHA) would repeal several existing laws that punish persons who attempt to harm unborn children by assaulting women. If the RHA becomes law, such persons could still be prosecuted for their assaults against women, but could not be charged separately for their crimes against unborn babies. This is just one of many, many reasons that New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has fought—and will continue to fight—against the passage of the Reproductive Health Act.