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California Same-Sex Counseling Bill Surprisingly Pulled

Friends of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) know that we have been fighting the Counselor Coercion Bill for several years. The bill (Bill S.263-Hoylman/A.3977-Glick) would bar licensed mental health professionals from assisting minor clients in resolving unwanted same-sex (homosexual) attraction. On April 30, 2018, the Assembly passed the Counselor Coercion Bill for the fifth time.

While NYCF has our work cut out for us in our continued efforts to block this bill, Christians in the State of California are fighting an even worse bill. According to Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council, LGBT activists in California are pushing AB 2943, which the California Senate passed on August 16. Sprigg describes AB 2943 (the “Must Stay Gay Bill”) as “a perfect storm of leftist political correctness that attacks free speech and freedom of religion while institutionalizing the sexual revolution.” The Must Stay Gay Bill would ban adult clients from obtaining reparative therapy. It would also make it unlawful to advertise sexual orientation change efforts; furthermore, it would prevent anyone (not just licensed mental health professionals) from receiving a fee for assisting a client in overcoming homosexuality.

While the “Must Stay Gay” Bill is sobering, there is good news. On Friday, August 31, openly homosexual California Assemblymember Evan Low “abandoned his effort for this year after a fierce outcry from the state’s religious community.” According to The Sacramento Bee, the bill:

had already passed with large majorities in both the Assembly and Senate, with overwhelming support from Democrats, and was one vote away from the governor’s desk. But [Asm. Low] said Friday that, after meeting this summer with faith leaders, he would instead try again next year with a new version of the proposal they could feel more comfortable with. Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council, a Christian organization that mobilized against the bill, said in a statement, “We are inexpressibly grateful to Assemblymember Low for meeting personally with faith leaders over the last several months and sincerely listening to our concerns.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms thanks the Lord for this news from California. We also salute our allies at the California Family Council for fighting the good fight in a very challenging environment.