Protecting Human Life

The Bible teaches that each person is made in the image of God, and that human life is sacred.

Charges Against David Daleiden Dismissed

By NYCF | Jul 29, 2016

Pro-life Americans received welcome news last week when the remaining felony charges against the makers of the infamous Planned Parenthood videos were dropped.

NYCF Pushes For Pro-Life License Plates

By NYCF | Jul 23, 2016

Albany Update has previously reported that the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is working on new regulations that would reinstate its special license plate program.

"Choose Life" License Plates Stuck In Bureaucratic Traffic

By NYCF | Jul 8, 2016

The issue of special license plates in New York is rearing its head again.

Millennials Trending Pro-Life

By NYCF | Jul 8, 2016

A recent poll conducted by the Barna Group for Students for Life of America contains encouraging findings regarding young Americans’ attitudes toward abortion.

Supreme Court Abortion Decision A Setback

By NYCF | Jun 29, 2016

Last week, Justice Anthony Kennedy joined his four liberal colleagues on the Supreme Court in overturning a 2013 Texas abortion law.

Senate Leader Dubious About Assisted Suicide

By NYCF | Jun 20, 2016

Earlier this month, State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-East Northport) was asked about his views concerning physician-assisted suicide.

One Charge Against Pro-life Activist Dropped

By NYCF | Jun 20, 2016

Albany Update has previously reported on the criminal charges filed against pro-life activist David Daleiden earlier this year. Pro-life Americans will remember Daleiden as the leading figure behind the infamous Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. Earlier this year, a Texas grand jury convened for the purpose of investigating Planned Parenthood…

New Pro-Life Champion Emerges In Assembly

By NYCF | Jun 12, 2016

Asm. David DiPietro (R-East Aurora) has been a stalwart defender of unborn children for the past several years. This year, Asm. DiPietro is joined by a second pro-life champion: Asm. Ronald Castorina Jr. (R-Staten Island). Asm. Castorina, pictured, was elected to the Assembly on April 19, 2016 to fill the vacancy created in Assembly District…

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Assembly Again Passes Abortion Expansion

By NYCF | Jun 12, 2016

Disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer started pushing abortion expansion in 2007. Gov. Andrew Cuomo started pushing it in 2013, connecting abortion expansion to nine other measures in a failed attempt to force it down the throats of the New York State Senate. In spite of New York’s permissive abortion laws and horrendous abortion rate, some…

Pass A NY Unborn Victims of Violence Act

By NYCF | Jun 6, 2016

According to the National Conference of State Legislators, taking the life of an unborn child in an attack on that child’s mother is a crime in at least 38 states. When committed on federally-owned property and in certain other instances, such acts are also punishable as federal crimes under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act…

Help Stop Assisted Suicide In Assembly Codes

By NYCF | Jun 6, 2016

Last week, Albany Update reported that physician-assisted suicide legislation had advanced from the Assembly Health Committee to the Assembly Codes Committee by a slender margin of 14-11. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is working with our friends at the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide (NYAAAS) to keep this pernicious legislation from advancing any further…

Assisted Suicide Bill Advances—Barely

By NYCF | May 28, 2016

On May 23, 2016, the New York State Assembly Health Committee considered physician-assisted suicide legislation (Bill S.7579-Savino/A.10059-Paulin). In order for the 26-member Health Committee to advance a bill, that bill must receive at least 14 “yea” votes. Following debate and discussion, the Committee voted, 14-11, to advance the bill; the legislation now moves to the…

State Abortion Mandate Challenged

By NYCF | May 16, 2016

On May 4, a lawsuit was filed in state court to challenge abortion mandates decreed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS). Effective January 1, 2016, the DFS is mandating that all health insurers operating in New York require small group employers (employers with fewer than 100 full-time employees) to provide medical…

Gains Made In Fight Against Assisted Suicide

By NYCF | May 9, 2016

Last week brought two positive developments in the movement to oppose physician-assisted suicide. The first piece of good news comes from Albany. On Wednesday, May 4, the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide (NYAAAS) welcomed doctors and allied health professionals to Albany to make the medical case against doctor-assisted death. The doctors held a press conference in the…

Abortion Expansion Fails Again

By NYCF | May 9, 2016

In April 2007, then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer introduced the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act (RHAPP), declaring that “‘New York State [would] continue to be a beacon of civil rights and protection of women’s rights.’” The RHAPP would have guaranteed a fundamental “right” to abortion at any point in a pregnancy. In the years since the…

House Committee Holds Hearing On Baby Body Parts Black Market

By NYCF | Apr 25, 2016

On April 20, 2016, the House Select Panel on Infant Lives held a hearing on the grisly and inhumane practice of selling the organs and tissues of aborted babies. According to The Federalist, the Panel’s hearing “reveal[ed] evidence of a significant market in fetal organ sales.” Due to courageous investigative reporting done by David Daleiden…