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Influencing Legislation and Legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Preserving Religious Liberty

NYCF opposes all initiatives that seek to limit the fundamental rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the free exercise of religion, and supports equal access for Christian students and for churches and Christian groups that use public buildings.

It's Now Or Never For Obamacare Repeal

By NYCF | Dec 4, 2016

The results of this year’s elections have—for the first time—given congressional Republicans a realistic opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have also given congressional Republicans a realistic opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood. Now, the question is: How? Recently, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms signed on to a letter from pro-life leaders across the nation…

AirBNB Promotes Left-Wing Perspectives

By NYCF | Nov 21, 2016

In June of this year, the New York State Legislature passed legislation creating additional financial penalties for persons who advertise unlawful short-term apartment rentals. (It is against New York law to rent an entire apartment in a Class A multiple dwelling for less than 30 days.) Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law on…

Christian Florist Faces Court For Conviction Regarding Marriage

By NYCF | Nov 21, 2016

On November 15, the Washington Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Ingersoll v. Arlene’s Flowers. This case involves Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian mother and grandmother. Barronelle owns a florist shop called Arlene’s Flowers. In 2013, a longtime customer named Robert Ingersoll visited the shop to ask that Barronelle provide arrangements for his…

'SAFE-T' Recognizes Fluidity of Sexual Attraction

By NYCF | Nov 4, 2016

Over the past three years, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has fought in Albany against the Counselor Coercion Bill (S.121-Hoylman/A.4958-Glick), which would make it unlawful for licensed mental health professionals to assist minor clients in overcoming same-sex attraction. While Gov. Andrew Cuomo took executive action this year in a largely ineffectual attempt to curtail change…

Free Speech Fairness Act Announced

By NYCF | Oct 4, 2016

Since 1954, churches and other nonprofit charities have labored under unnecessary—and arguably unconstitutional—limits on their freedom of speech. In 1954, the Johnson Amendment to the Internal Revenue Code barred churches and other nonprofit charities from endorsing political parties or candidates. Many churches have defied the Johnson Amendment by participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday; however, the…

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See You At The Pole This September

By NYCF | Sep 13, 2016

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, students across the United States—and in several other nations—will observe See You at the Pole day by gathering for prayer at their schools’ flagpoles. According to, “[for] the last 25 years, See You at the Pole has been about one simple act—prayer. SYATP is still about students uniting themselves…

Franklin Graham Visits Capital Region

By NYCF | Aug 26, 2016

At noon on Thursday, August 25, 2016, Rev. Franklin Graham brought his Decision America Tour to West Capitol Park (Albany, NY). The Empire State was the 38th stop for the tour.

Illinois Pastors Stand Up For Religious Freedom, Truth About Sexuality

By NYCF | Aug 19, 2016

Last year, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner—a Republican—signed a bill banning therapists and counselors from engaging in change therapy with minor clients who are experiencing unwanted same-sex (homosexual) attraction. The Illinois law is similar to the Counselor Coercion Bill that New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is fighting in New York, but is even broader and more…

California Christian Colleges Win Reprieve

By NYCF | Aug 15, 2016

In recent months, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has grown concerned about California’s SB 1146—a bill that, in its original form, would punish Christian colleges and universities for living out Christian beliefs relating to gender and sexuality. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens)…will press forward with [an] amended bill that…

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State Adopts Regulations Limiting Change Therapy With Minor Clients

By NYCF | Jul 29, 2016

Earlier this year, Albany Update reported on executive actions taken by Governor Andrew Cuomo in an effort to curtail the practice of change therapy with minor clients in the State of New York. (“Change therapy” refers to professional counseling that assists persons seeking to diminish or resolve unwanted same-sex attraction.) In February of this year,…

Decision America Tour Coming to the Capitol

By NYCF | Jul 27, 2016

Our nation’s moral foundation is crumbling. As our culture tries to remove God from public view and silence His Word, we must continue to share the Good News and take a stand for God’s truth. That’s why Franklin Graham will be in Albany—and every other state capital in 2016. Our nation needs to turn to…

House Passes Conscience Protection Act

By NYCF | Jul 15, 2016

One of the many disastrous consequences of President Barack Obama’s misleadingly-named Affordable Care Act is its attack on the consciences of American individuals and groups that object to participating in or paying for abortion procedures. Last Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives took action to correct this problem. On July 13, the House passed the…

Iowa Civil Rights Commission Backpedals

By NYCF | Jul 11, 2016

The State of Iowa is backpedaling after a publication from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) set off alarm bells for defenders of religious liberty. The ICRC published a pamphlet that analyzes and explains various aspects of the Iowa Civil Rights Act. Like many similar laws in other states, the Iowa Civil Rights Act prohibits…

Assembly Passes Conscience-Crushing Boss Bill

By NYCF | Jun 12, 2016

On June 7, the New York State Assembly passed Bill A.1142-A (Jaffee), otherwise known as the Boss Bill, by a vote of 105-34. The Boss Bill is both completely unnecessary and unduly restrictive of the religious liberty of faith-based employers. This bill would ban employment discrimination based upon “reproductive health decision making, including, but not…

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY21) was one of six NY House Republicans that voted in favor of the Maloney Amendment.

US House Displays Weakness On LGBT Issues

By NYCF | Jun 6, 2016

In recent weeks, the Republican-led House of Representatives has committed blunders on LGBT issues. Unfortunately, some Members of New York’s congressional delegation have been among the worst offenders. The recent LGBT troubles started on May 19, when Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY18) attempted to attach an LGBT amendment to a bill relating to veterans’ affairs.…

NYCF Seeks Streamlined Process for Certain Church Real Estate Transactions

By NYCF | Jun 6, 2016

Preserving religious liberty is an essential part of the legislative agenda of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. As part of that agenda, NYCF works to support legislation that alleviates financial and regulatory burdens upon churches. This year, NYCF is pushing for the passage of Bill A.1237-Brennan. This bill would allow religious corporations (such as churches…

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