Biden Administration Rescinds Protect Life Rule

Effective November 8, 2021, the Biden administration will rescind the Protect Life Rule.

Implemented by the Trump administration in 2019, the Protect Life Rule requires abortion providers receiving Title X family planning funds to split up their federally-funded family planning activities from their abortion activities. One welcome result of the Protect Life Rule was a decision by Planned Parenthood to stop receiving millions of dollars in family planning funds. According to National Review, Planned Parenthood lost out on a total of $60 million in federal funds. This was a pro-life win, because every dollar received by an abortion provider strengthens that abortion provider whether or not that dollar is used for abortion.

The Biden administration’s move to rescind the Protect Life Rule has been in the works since January. The process of rescinding the Rule was finalized in recent days. National Review notes that once the Rule is rescinded, “Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will be free to return to Title X without making any financial distinction between abortion and other procedures — which means that taxpayers once again will be required to fund the nation’s abortion providers under the guise of ‘family planning.’”

One way to discern the priorities of a politician or a political party is to see where that politician or party directs public funds. In case it wasn’t already clear, cozying up to the abortion industry is a major priority of the Biden administration.