Biaggi Checkoff Would Benefit Big Abortion

Radical leftist Sen. Alessandra Biaggi has been hard at work this summer on the issues that matter most to her.

On July 15, 2019, Sen. Biaggi introduced Bill S.6632-Biaggi, which would create a state abortion access fund and allow New Yorkers to make optional gifts to that fund on their tax returns. Under the Senator’s bill, the abortion access fund could also receive state budget funds, gifts, or bequests. Money from the proposed fund would be spent “to fund the operational and  programmatic  expenses  of  not-for-profit  entities  that  provide  support  to  individuals  in  need  of  abortion services, by addressing financial and logistical barriers that  prevent  access  to  care.  This shall  include,  but is not limited to, funding for medical services and logistical costs.”

Doesn’t this sound suspiciously like another funding stream for Planned Parenthood? It certainly sounds that way to us.

In past years, a proposal like this one would likely have been ignored in Albany. However, in the brave new world of unified liberal control of state government, this is the kind of thing that could receive serious consideration. The last thing our state needs is to promote additional Planned Parenthood funding. Friends, please be ready to speak out against this bill next year.