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Divisive Social Issues in Gov. Cuomo’s Budget Proposal

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has littered his proposed 2019 New York State Budget with divisive social-issue legislation. That legislation includes an abortion pill insurance mandate, an Equal Rights Amendment that could create unanticipated negative consequences, a statute of limitations bill that would open the door to a barrage of frivolous lawsuits, and late-term abortion expansion. In…

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Child Victims Act of 2017 (Allowing Time-Barred Civil Claims in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse) (S.6575-Hoylman/A.5885-A-Rosenthal)

NYCF opposes the Child Victims Act because it contains “lookback” provisions that could subject churches and nonprofit organizations to liability for decades-old claims based upon the alleged misdeeds of their agents or employees. For the same reason, the provision allowing alleged victims to file civil lawsuits at any time before they have reached the age…

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Child Protection Act (S.5660-A-Lanza/A.7302-A-Cusick)

The Child Protection Act would abolish the statute of limitations applicable to sex crimes against children, and would extend the statute of limitations applicable to civil claims for money damages arising out of physical and emotional harms suffered by child victims. This bill is a laudable effort to protect children from abuse, to ensure that…

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State’s highest court rules there is no constitutional right to assisted suicide

the legislative gazette

The Legislative Gazette, September 7, 2017 “[Rev. Jason J. McGuire], executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, [says] the Court of Appeals ruling does three things.” “‘It demonstrates respect for the Constitution of the state of New York. Nothing in our state’s Constitution in any way affirms physician-assisted suicide, and the Court acknowledged that…

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Outcry against Trump ban on transgender people in Armed Forces


Newsday, July 26, 2017 “Rev. Jason J. McGuire, [NYCF’s Executive Director], said in a statement: ‘Persons who wish to serve the nation in the Armed Forces will have a simple and fair choice to make: Refrain from adopting “transgender” identities and behaviors, or refrain from serving in the military.’”

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Alesi on tap for new NY post

Democrat and chronicle

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 19, 2017 “‘There’s only one reason for Governor Cuomo to put someone as unqualified and disgraced as Jim Alesi on the Public Service Commission, and that’s control,’ [Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director of] New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, said in a statement.”

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