Assembly Must Prioritize Release of Cuomo Report

For the past eight months, the Assembly Judiciary Committee has been coordinating an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Andrew Cuomo. The investigation is also looking into the Cuomo administration’s cover-up regarding nursing home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic and the appropriateness of Cuomo’s $5 million book contract.

Despite having had ample time to complete this task, and despite having the help of outside counsel, the Committee still has not released a date by which the investigation will be completed. According to an October 25 article from Spectrum News, the Committee has not met since August 9 and has not yet circulated a draft report.

While the Assembly Judiciary Committee should certainly conduct a thorough investigation and should not rush to judgment, it should not drag its feet, either. The fact that this investigation has taken nearly eight months and still does not have a defined end date is a matter of concern. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms calls upon the Committee to provide the public with a timetable setting forth the date of its next meeting, the date that a draft report will be shared with members of the Committee, and the date when its report will be released to the public. When the legislative session begins in January, members of the Committee will be focused on its legislative responsibilities; therefore, the Committee should ensure that the investigation report is completed no later than the end of the year.