Assembly Judiciary Approves Military Marriage Bill

Given the onslaught of truly atrocious legislation that is being inflicted upon the State of New York this year, it is encouraging to see a good piece of legislation moving in Albany.

Bill S.3756-Mayer/A.55-Buchwald would waive the state’s portion of the marriage license fee for members of the United States Armed Forces that are on active duty. In addition, the bill would allow cities and towns to waive their marriage license fees for active-duty members of the Armed Forces. In the memorandum accompanying this measure, the bill’s sponsor says, “This bill simply says thank you to any man or woman actively serving [in the Armed Forces] and wishing to get married in New York State… It is but a small gesture to show our gratitude…” On March 5, 2019, this legislation was approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee and forwarded to the influential Assembly Ways and Means Committee for further consideration.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is pleased to see the forward progress on the marriage license fee bill. Our state and our nation are in the midst of a little-discussed marriage crisis in which millions of children are being deprived of the stability that comes with an intact family. This proposal promotes the institution of marriage, and the Legislature should pass it this year.