Anti-Trafficking Bills Clear Both Houses

Earlier this year, Albany Update noted that the New York State Legislature had made progress on human trafficking legislation. By the time the 2022 state legislative session ended, a total of five bills that promote the national human trafficking hotline had passed both houses of the New York State Legislature.

The five bills will provide trafficking victims with information that could prove to be lifesaving. The bills require that human trafficking-related literature be prominently displayed in public restrooms in certain specified locations. This literature will contain information about services for trafficking victims and will contain the phone number of the national human trafficking hotline (1-888-373-7888). The five bills call for human trafficking literature to be displayed in commercial service airports and general aviation airports (Bill S.8710-Brouk/A.9406-Paulin), Port Authority-run airports (Bill S.8262-Kaplan/A.9169-Paulin), Port Authority bus terminals (Bill S.8573-Kaplan/A.9410-Paulin), truck stops (Bill S.8678-Brouk/A.9814-Paulin), and Thruway service areas (Bill S.8711-A-Cleare/A.9883-A-Paulin). All five bills are expected to be signed into law.

Whether traffickers move their captives by plane, by bus, or by car, these bills (once they have been signed) will connect those captives with lifesaving resources. It is hoped that captives will become aware that there is a national human trafficking hotline, will make use of it, and will receive information that will facilitate their escape. Of course, the ultimate goal is to end human trafficking in New York.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms thanks the New York State Legislature for continuing to pass anti-human trafficking legislation.