America Awaits Election Night Results

It’s days after Election Day, and Albany Update would be more than happy to provide Christian New Yorkers with a comprehensive post-election update.

Unfortunately, we can’t—at least not yet.

As of November 6, many key races remain unresolved. This delay is a result of two factors: COVID-19 and close races. Because of COVID-19, unprecedented numbers of Americans chose to vote by mail this year. In the State of New York, at least 1.2 million voters voted by mail. Furthermore, according to The New York Times, most counties will not begin to count mailed-in ballots until November 9. Boards of elections must accept postmarked absentee ballots until November 10, and must continue to accept military and overseas ballots until November 16. The deadline for election boards to report results to the state is November 28, 2020.

In some races with lopsided outcomes, it is possible to predict the election results even before mailed ballots are counted. In close races, however, such predictions would be premature and unwise. Furthermore, there is good reason to believe that Democrat-leaning voters were more likely to use mailed ballots than Republican-leaning voters this year; therefore, in a close race with a high number of mailed ballots, election night results may not provide an accurate indication of the ultimate outcome.

Because there are many close races this year at multiple levels of government, and because many mailed-in ballots have yet to be counted, it will take some time before New Yorkers know who prevailed on Election Day. In the words of former State Sen. Martin Connor, “‘the watch word for this election is patience.’”