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Albany County Legislature Passes Change Therapy Ban

Albany County lawmakers have jumped on the “ban change therapy” bandwagon.

Last week, the Albany County Legislature passed Local Law “E”, a bill that would ban sexual orientation change efforts with minor clients. Sponsored by Legislator Bryan Clenahan (D-Guilderland), Local Law “E” would bar any person from being paid to provide “conversion therapy” to a minor client. The bill defines “conversion therapy”  to mean  “any  services,  offered  or  provided  to consumers for a fee, that seek to change a person’s sexual orientation or seek to change a person’s gender identity to conform to the sex of such individual that was recorded at birth.” Local Law “E” provides for escalating fines of up to $5,000 for violations of its provisions. Only one county legislator—Legislator Robert Signoracci (D-Cohoes)—voted against the bill, and Legislator Signoracci has stated that he believes similar legislation should pass at the state level. Local Law “E” will now be forwarded to Albany County Executive Dan McCoy for consideration.

During the (one-sided) debate on Local Law “E,” Legislator Clenehan declared sexual orientation change efforts to be “ineffective,” “harmful,” and “emotionally damaging.” This false belief (which undergirds much of the opposition to sexual orientation change efforts) only makes sense if a person does not believe that God exists or does not believe that He has the power to change hearts and lives.

Members of the Albany County Legislature are elected to four-year terms and will face the voters in November 2019. To find out who your Albany County Legislator is, please click here.

Updated July 25, 2018.